Avoiding Raw Eggs During Pregnancy

Published: 12th November 2009
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There are many things that a pregnant woman cannot have in her diet. Raw meats and raw eggs are both part of the list of things that pregnant women should avoid. In the following article, we will review why you should avoid raw eggs if you are pregnant and products that you may have to look out for.

The main reason that women should not handle raw eggs while they are pregnant is due to contaminants. Raw eggs can carry salmonella and other contaminants that may cause food poisoning. If you are effected by food poisoning while you are pregnant, it will lead to sickness and may even prevent labor. There is no reason why you should take any risk of handling raw eggs while you are pregnant. If you are pregnant, you will have to avoid raw eggs in general. There are many foods that we eat daily that contain raw eggs. Caesar salad dressing, mayonnaise, hollandaise, eggnog, cookie batter, some ice creams and blue cheese dressing as well. If you are out at a restaurant and eating foods that you are not familiar with, you should always make sure that the dressings or foods you eat do not contain raw eggs. Most restaurants used pasteurized eggs, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Un-pasteurized foods should also be avoided when you are pregnant, as they can sometimes carry contaminates that cause food poisoning. Avoiding raw eggs during pregnancy can sometimes be difficult, but it is possible. If there is ever any doubt in your mind as to whether there is raw egg in a product or not, the best idea is to avoid that product completely until you know for sure. If there is ever a time that you have to handle raw egg while you are pregnant, make sure that you use rubber or latex gloves to handle them with. Refrain from touching your face after you have handled raw eggs. You do not want to take the chance of contracting something like salmonella. If you think you have been contaminated by salmonella through raw eggs or meat, be sure to visit your doctor as soon as possible.

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