How to Keep your Butt Tight and Smooth

Published: 15th November 2009
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Because most of us don't keep a close eye on our booty, it is easy to forget that everyone else has a clear view of what is going on back there. And with summer heating up all around us, shorts will be getting shorter and tighter by the day. Not to mention the dreaded swimming suit. So, how can you make sure that your butt is sending out the right message? By following a couple tips, everyone can put their best butt forward.

First of all, don't underestimate the power of a little bit of targeted exercise. Lunges and squats do great things for the butt; however results don't happen overnight. Don't let that get you down, though. Adding a few reps of butt-toning exercises to your morning routine now will really pay off in the long run. But, if you are looking for more instant gratification, there are things you can do today that will help you today. One of the most popular treatments on the market today is skin tightening lotion. There are dozens of brands out there, but they all work by making your skin firmer and more elastic. Some claim to work instantly, while others may take a week or so to see results. However, a week is a small investment for a firmer, tighter butt. And, generally, the results will become more marked over time. So you can expect your butt to appear firmer and firmer with continued use.

If you are like most people, your butt may also be prone to cellulite, no matter how tight it is. Cellulite can be tricky, but there are dozens of OTC lotions and even pills that claim to reduce cellulite. Doing a little research can help you find the OTC cellulite treatment that best fits your lifestyle; or you may want to consider consulting a spa for an in-house treatment such as a cellulite reduction wrap for faster and more dramatic results.

Finally, if you are considering baring a little butt in your swimsuit, make sure that whatever methods you use to keep your legs hair-free and tan have been extended to your butt as well.

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